Story of the Day

"The Easter Bunny"

When I was a little girl, every Sunday my family of six would put on their best clothes and go to Sunday School and then church.  The kids in elementary school would all meet together to sing songs, and then later divide into groups based on their ages.
One Easter Sunday, all the kids arrived with big eyes and big stories about what the Easter Bunny had brought.  While all of the kids shared their stories with delight, one young boy, whom I shall call Bobby, sat sullenly.  One of the teachers, noticing this, said to him, "And what did the Easter Bunny bring you?"  He replied, "My mom locked the door on accident so the Easter Bunny couldn't get inside."
This sounded like a reasonable idea to all of us kids, so we kept on going with the stories.  My mom knew the true story, though.  Bobby's mom was a single parent, and she suspected that they just couldn't afford the Easter Bunny.
After Sunday school was over, everyone went off to church.  When my dad came to meet us my mom announced that we were going home instead.  At home, she explained that to make Bobby feel better, we were going to pretend to be the Easter Bunny and make a basket of our goodies for him and leave it at church.  We all donated some of our candies to the basket, and headed back to church.  There, mom unzipped his coat, hung the basket over the hanger, and zipped up the coat and attached a note.

Dear Bobby,
I'm sorry I missed your house last night.  Happy Easter.
The Easter Bunny